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There have been a lot of technological advances with garage doors in the past few years. Gone are the days of blown springs and pinched fingers. Below are some common questions we hear often.

Anchor Doors offers a Family Safe Classic line of doors that are finger-protected. These patented “Finger-Protected” garage doors are designed to prevent your fingers from getting pinched between the joints, inside and out. They also have tamper-resistant cable attachments that cannot be released under tension. This helps prevent accidental injuries. All new garage doors come with brand new hardware to make your door safe.

Headroom is the distance from the top of your door to the lowest point of the ceiling or any obstructions of the garage door opener rails, such as pipes or ductwork. A door and opener installation usually requires 15″ headroom. In a low headroom situation, we can complete the installation with as little as 5″.

“R” value is a measurement of thermal effectiveness, or level of insulation. The higher the “R” value, the better the door insulates, keeping your precious heat inside and saving you money.

Yes, most of the time you can replace your sections, but it depends on the brand, model, and how old it is. Exposure to the elements will alter the appearance of the door over time and a replacement section may not match.

Yes, but we recommend replacing the old opener to ensure the unit is equipped with all of the latest safety features required to protect your family and pets.

Call Anchor Doors for a preventative maintenance service and we can inspect and repair your door.

  • The safety eyes at the bottom of your garage door on either side may be blocked, dirty, or misaligned. Try cleaning the lense and making sure there is nothing infront of the eyes blocking the view from one end to the other.  Finally align the safety eyes until the indicater light comes on.
  • The track may be misaligned and preventing it from closing. Contact our office and have a service technician out to make the necessary adjustments to get your garage door running smoothly again.
  • The motor is not working.  Use your emergency disconnect cord to manually close your garage door and Contact us for repairs.
  • A remote control uses batteries to send wireless signals, so a dead battery may cause it to fail even though the door control works.
  • Your garage door opener is equipped with an integrated receiver logic board that receives a signal from for your hand-held remote controls wirelessly, whereas your wall-mounted door control panel is hard-wired. The hand-held remote controls and wired door control operate independently, so it is not uncommon for one device to work while the other does not. If all remotes are working intermittently, or stop working there may be interference.
  • The LOCK button is ON
  • The battery is depleted
  • The remote control needs to be erased and reprogrammed
  • There’s a short in the door control, door control wire or receiver logic board
  • You need a miniumum of 8.5″ between the side garage wall and the end of the garage door shaft. 12″ is recommended for easier installations.
  • The jackshaft opener can be difficult to install and we recommend having an experienced service technican do this for you.
  • We offer a Black Garage Door Threshold to stop the rain from coming inside your garage doors.
  • Available in standard widths 7′, 8′, 9′, 10′, 12′, 14′ and 16′ wide garage doors
  • Also available in custom sizes
  • Recommendation for installation during the spring, summer or early fall when the ground is dry so that the adhesive has time to cure and seal to the ground.
  • You could also replace your bottom weather seal with a larger U-Shape bottom rubber.  
  • If your floor is uneven you may want to try installing a gum rubber hose in the bottom of your weather seal 

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