Commercial High Speed Doors

Energy-efficient, fast-acting, and wind-resistant commercial traffic doors.

Industrial High Speed Roll-Up Doors

Fabric or rubber doors for interior or exterior use. Great for a variety of applications, including industrial, medical and cold storage.

Do you need maximum environmental controls and a fast durable door that can withstand impact? If you are looking for a local specialist our company offers sales, service and installation of the most durable high-speed doors on the market.

Your new commercial high speed door can stand up to all types of abuse and weather. Our doors are durably made by the best manufacturers in the industry including Raynor, TNR and Hormaan.

You’ll be able to choose from a complete range of top-quality commercial high speed doors at the best value for your business.

Raynor RapidCoil Commercial High Speed Fabric Doors

Raynor’s line of RapidCoil fabric, high speed doors utilize the industries best sealing technology, which gives an extremely tight seal against wind, rain and contaminants. RapidCoil doors, depending on size, can open as fast as 8 feet per second in some applications. By combining a tight sealing door with high speed operation, a more energy efficient environment is created, which can decrease operating costs in manufacturing environments. The RapidCoil line also features a soft bottom edge, photo eyes and reversing edge across all models, adding an uncompromising safety factor into the entire line. RapidCoil high speed fabric doors are available in a variety of colors with multiple vision options and activation methods

RapidCoil RC100

Raynor RapidCoil RC200

RapidCoil RC300

Raynor RapidCoil RC300HD

Raynor FabriCoil Traffic Doors

With many of the desired features of typical commercial high-speed doors, Raynor FabriCoil traffic doors offer excellent durability and reliability at an affordable price. Our tough vinyl curtain is designed for interior applications, ideal for high traffic areas.

TNR Doors - High Speed Rubber Doors

TNR offers a variety of doors for the following industries: Food & Beverage, Mining & Industrial, Parking & Automotive, and Logistics & Transportation. They have over 50 years of combined engineering experience that we will put to work for you.

These doors have revolutionized the door industry by providing a more reliable, more durable, longer lasting performance with greater impact ability. TNR doors will substantially reduce your long term cost of ownership and provide you with the lowest life cycle cost available. Depending on the application the typical return on investment of a TNR door is between 12-36 months, when considering the following criteria:

HDF Door

Model HDP - Low Headroom Parking Door

Which Model is Best for my Industry?





Model HDLH - Extra Low Headroom Parking Door

Model HDM - Manual Rubber Door

Model HDE - Economy Rubber Door

Model HDC-DD / HDL-DD High Cycle Rubber Doors

Model HDL Large Size Rubber Door

Model HDXL - Extra large Size Rubber Doors

Model HDF - High Speed Fabric Door

Model CHILLFAST - High Speed Freezer Door

Model HSR-007 - High Speed Aluminum Security Grille

Model HDFX High Speed Exterior Door

Model HDD - Heavy Duty Dock Door

Hörmann High Performance Doors

Hörmann High Performance Doors manufactures a variety of rigid and fabric, high speed door models which provide a solution to any new or retrofit project. Designed with simplicity and energy-efficiency in mind, these high speed doors are in operation worldwide in a variety of applications including: industry, parking, commercial, warehousing, food and beverage processing, retail automotive, manufacturing, cold storage, mining, and many others.

Speed-Commander™ 1400 SEL Fabric Panels

Speed-Commander™ 1400 SEL Food-Master

Speed-Commander™ 1400 SEL Clean-Master

Speed-Commander™ 1400 SEL Cool-Master

Speed-Master® 1600 L Eco

Speed-Master® 1600 L

Speed-Master® 1600 XL

Speed-Master® 2600 L

Speed-Master® 4600 L

Speed-Guardian™ 5000 (New in 2017)

Speed-Guardian™ 5000 LP 42

Commercial Service

Planned Maintenance Programs

Anchor Doors & Service specializes in Planned Maintenance Programs on all Overhead Door, Dock & Gate Equipment. Contact our Sales department to schedule your next PM inspection today. Based on equipment usage we may recommend the following frequency of inspections: Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annually, Annually, and Bi-Annually. We include inspections, and a detailed report of your door’s health, and recommended replacement parts. If you prefer to have all the work done at one time – No problem. We are here to help when it is convenient for you.

Replacement Parts & Service

Commercial Emergency Service

When it comes to an emergency we are here to help. Day or Night, Weekend or Holiday, Summer, or Winter we work all year round to solve your problem in a timely and efficient manner. Transform your expectations with our knowledgeable staff at Anchor Doors & Service Inc.

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For over 20 years, Windsor & Essex County, Chatham & Kent County has trusted Anchor Doors & Service for top quality garage door installation, replacement, and repairs from our industry professionals. Whether you have a malfunctioning door or operator, are remodeling and want to upgrade your garage door, or need a brand new installation for your recently-built new home, we offer top quality products and the best workmanship around. Discover why we are quickly becoming the most trusted resource for Residential and Commercial Garage Doors, Handicap Operators, Dock Levelers, Shelters, Seals and Dock Equipment.  

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