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Anchor Doors & Service offers Roll Screens from the same two great products that our roll shutters come from, Pentagon and Talius.

We Have Entry Doors For All Industries

Our goal is to provide you with a well functioning entry door product in your local industry, whether you are in an airport, train station, hospital, hotel, mall, store, office or apartment, we have you covered.

You can be confident we will assemble a team of specialists to serve your needs. Each product is carefully chosen for its application in overcoming precisely the challenges you face.

Contact one of our representatives today. Begin your conversation with our AAADM certified sales representative and see how well our technicians & installers perform the task you require.

Automated Pedestrian Doors

We have chosen Micom Americas Inc. and Horton Automated Doors Ontario for our products because they are well-established companies that offer a wide range of products. They manufacture and supply high-quality door closers, sliding door closers, automatic sliding doors, and many other door hardware items.

Our goal is to provide you with a well functioning product in your local industry whether you are in an airport or train stations, hospital or hotel, mall or store or in an office or apartment we have you covered.

Swing Door Operators

A swing door operator will provide you with the effortless convenience of an automatic door. Whether you need a door operator for ADA compliance, to improve traffic flow, or simply to heighten your patrons’ experience, we can provide door operator systems that are customized to suit your specific requirements.

With our selection of door operators, you can turn virtually any door into an automatic door. Our swing door operators:

Our full-energy and low-energy “ADA” door operator systems are designed to work with a variety of activating methods, including mats, push plates, motion sensors, touch-less activation sensors, radio controls, card readers, and more.

If you need drawings, specifications, literature, or you would like to speak to someone about your specific swing door operator application, please contact our office today.

Brochure, Spec Sheet & Selection Guide

Automated Sliding Doors

Automated sliding doors are available in a number of styles to suit your needs, call us to inquire about one of the following styles:


Automated Door Accessories & Handicap Washroom Packages

Our AAADM certified estimator has a solution for all automated door accessories including sensors and bollards, handicap buttons, guard rails, and washroom packages.

Are you looking for hands-free door operation for people, luggage, deliveries, wheelchairs, shopping carts, baby carriages, and couriers? We’ve got buttons, touch-less switches, and sensors for all of it.

Do you need to ensure your entryways meet handicap accessibility requirements so that physically challenged people and those with special needs have the same access as everybody else? We can convert any standard bathroom to comply with accessibility standards using a variety of activation devices, guard rails, and washrooms systems that are available.

Proximity Reader Doors

For offices or other buildings with sensitive information, there are many keyless entry or proximity card readers that will secure your doors and ease your mind.

In the health industry – where security is also paramount – the isolation control of airborne contaminants and infection is often a significant challenge, for which we’ve got all the solutions.

Regardless of which automatic door system you have implemented, Anchor Doors & Service can solve your door accessibility problem, we’ll not only find it, but we’ll install it and make sure it’s in good working order.

Automatic Door Association (ADA)
Accessibility Guidelines

Width Requirements

Clear Width – Door openings shall provide a clear width of 32 inches minimum and a maximum of 48 inches. Clear openings of doorways with swinging doors shall be measured between the face of the door and the stop, with the door open 90 degrees. Openings more than 24 inches deep shall provide a clear opening of 36 inches minimum.

Exception: Doors and doorways designed to be operated only by security personnel shall not be required to comply.

Double-Leaf Doors – At least one of the active leaves of doorways with two leaves shall comply.

Automatic Doors from a Door Professional’s Perspective

AAADM provides two Certification Training Program for installers and service technicians to improve and promote safety and the technologies available from AAADM member companies.

As a prerequisite to taking the AAADM Certified Inspector Training Program, a candidate must have either worked in the automatic pedestrian industry for six (6) months immediately preceding application or worked in the automatic pedestrian door industry for at least 90 days and has taken the factory training course of an AAADM member.

As a prerequisite to taking the AAADM Revolving Door Inspector Certification Program, a candidate must have either worked in the revolving door industry for at least 90 days immediately preceding application for AAADM certification, have taken the factory training course of an AAADM member, and have completed the AAADM training course and passed a written exam.

So you can feel as confident in our staff as we do with servicing your doors.

Replacement Parts & Service

Our technicians are certified by the American Association of Automatic Doors Manufacturers (AAADM) and offer support and maintenance for all automatic doors installed in your building.

Ask us about setting up a Planned Maintenace Program at your facility on Handicap Doors, Automated Sliding Doors, Automatic Swinging Doors, Touchless Activation Sensors, and Handicap Accessible Bathrooms. This will reduce the frequency of Emergency Service calls you may require for unforeseen malfunctions to your Barrier Free Door.

We recommend you Lubricate all moving parts such as hinges to keep your door working smoothly and preventing rust. Visually inspect the tracks of the sliding doors to ensure they are sliding smoothly and freely.

There is someone to always answer your call, even after normal 8-5 business hours with our 24-hour emergency dispatch service.

Areas Of Service

For over 20 years, Windsor & Essex County, Chatham & Kent County has trusted Anchor Doors & Service for top quality garage door installation, replacement, and repairs from our industry professionals. Whether you have a malfunctioning door or operator, are remodeling and want to upgrade your garage door, or need a brand new installation for your recently-built new home, we offer top quality products and the best workmanship around. Discover why we are quickly becoming the most trusted resource for Residential and Commercial Garage Doors, Handicap Operators, Dock Levelers, Shelters, Seals and Dock Equipment.  

If you don’t see your location listed below, please feel free to call our office and inquire about your particular service area. We are always available to answer any questions you may have, even after regular business hours!

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