Rolling Steel Service Doors, Stay-Up Fire Doors & Rolling Security Grilles

These doors are made from aluminum, steel or stainless steel slats connected together and roll-up into a tube at the top of the door

Rolling Steel Service Doors

Rolling steel doors or commercial roll-up doors is another field Anchor Doors & Service specializes in. The slats are available in a variety of thicknesses, contours and perforations.

Contact our commercial estimator for more information, he would gladly come to your location to review the details of your opening and provide you with an accurate quote. Once you have approved the estimate and we have received the order one of our Raynor Certified Installers will be out to complete the installation.

Fire Rated and Security Counter Shutters

Counter shutter doors are ideal for concession areas, cafeterias, pharmacies, cashiers, parts and tool storage areas. These counter shutters can be operated manually, crank operation or motorized. They can be mounted between jambs under lintel, or face of wall mount or in combination.

Some of our Counter Shutters are made suitable for smoke resistance and flame penetration. These units can come with a 3-hour, 1-1/2-hour or ¾-hour fire rating depending on your building code requirements. When safety and fire protection are crucial, choose Fire Rated Counter Shutter.

Rolling Steel Fire Doors

A Raynor Rolling Steel Fire Door is just like their rolling steel doors except that it has a special release mechanism incorporated into its design that will release the door from a hold open position and close in the event of a fire or fire alarm. Small changes like the shape of the hood enclosure modified so that it can be stronger, and there is a smoke control brush weather strip available with the guides. To ensure a smooth drop there is the centrifugal governor. They use varying gauges flat slat and fire ratings for the curtains. The fusible fire links need to be drop tested annually to ensure they are working correctly. Contact our staff to schedule your inspection today. Or request a visit with our trained staff for a no obligation quote.

The fire doors are the perfect choice for building owners and designers who demand the highest level of life safety and fire protection available.

Rolling Steel Security Grills

Security grills are ideal for storefronts and interior applications, such as concessions, cafeterias, and shopping malls, convention centers, schools, garages and other institutional, commercial and retail projects. Side-folding grilles are available in open air and full closure models and feature multiple styles, patterns and colors. They provide you with security, visual access and ventilation.

These units can be operated manually, chain, crank or motorized. Contact one of our Rolling Grille advisors to select the model that is right for your job.

Mini Warehouse Sheet Doors

Constructed from 26 ga by 24 in wide sheets of steel roll formed with integral grooves that are hemmed together to form a continuous sheet guided vertically by roll formed guides. The sheet door coils around a spring loaded shaft above the header as the door is opened. Designed with ease of installation in mind. This door is the perfect application for storage facilities.

High Performance Hardware upgrade available

Parts & Service for Rolling Steel Doors

Contact Anchor Doors & Service for any replacement parts or services you may require on your rolling steel door. Our trained, certified technicians provide 24-hour emergency service, planned maintenance programs, and annual fire-rated drop tests.

FAQS For Rolling Steel Fire Doors

Note: All responses involving drop testing assume the door has been first visually inspected and operationally tested per NFPA 80 requirements and done by a trained door systems technician.
Yes, under certain conditions. If there are 2 doors installed back to back on the same opening, they would have to be effectively controlled by one link so that the separation of any link would cause both doors to close. If doors are side by side, an issue may be that fusible links are only listed to handle so much load (approximately 40 lbs.), so depending on the number of doors, and design of doors and closing system, use of a single fusible link may be limited because the load rating could be exceeded fairly easily. Per NFPA 80, two or more fusible links may be stacked to increase holding power.
Yes, but per the listing a fusible link is still required at the release point of the door unless otherwise approved by the authority having jurisdiction.
The door should be drop tested, but great care should be exercised. As with any drop test, a thorough visual inspection and operation check should be done first. Any damage, component failure, or conditions that prevent a fire door from operating / activating / closing / being reset successfully should be corrected prior to the drop test.
Yes. The manufacturer can be identified through the unique file number found on the rolling steel fire door label or through other means. The listing agency should have a record of the manufacturer through that unique file number. Component part numbers can also sometimes be used to identify a manufacturer. Since NPFA 80 requires drop testing and resetting in accordance with the manufacturer’s written instructions, if there is no means of identifying the manufacturer, the door must be replaced.
The owner assumes responsibility whether or not the door manufacturer is known because the owner is responsible for maintenance. If the door breaks, it is a failed drop test. It proves that the door would not have worked properly in a fire and needs to be repaired, retrofitted or replaced.
Yes, rolling steel fire doors can be painted but there are limitations. Refer to NFPA 80 Section Painting should only be done to the extent that it does not inhibit door operation and the automatic closing function, particularly moving parts such as gears and other mechanisms. Fusible links and all door labels, where present, are never to be painted. When a rolling steel fire door is field painted after installation, there is a chance that the additional weight of the paint on the curtain could affect the balance of the door and painting other components could otherwise affect operation and the automatic closing function of the door. The door should be tested afterwards per NFPA 80 Section
No. A rolling steel fire door that is no longer needed to function as a door cannot be left in the closed position and ignored. NFPA 80 requires that the door must either be maintained as an operational door, including annual inspection and drop testing, or the door must be removed and the opening is to be filled to maintain the required rating of the wall assembly. A rolling steel fire door is rated and tested differently from its surrounding wall material and thus cannot be considered the same as a wall.
An existing door must be inspected, tested and maintained per current requirements, but there could be attributes of the door or some manner of installation that are allowed or prohibited now that may have been different at the time the door was installed. Proper operation and performance, along with verification of acceptable fusible link placement, must be maintained. Installations must be upgraded as needed during inspections.
Yes, if they are mounted on the same wall. No, if they are mounted on separate walls.
For an interior wall, the answer is yes provided that the fusible link system incorporates a through-wall cable. For an exterior wall, the answer is yes but is dependent on the fusible link arrangement needed when switching from interior mount to exterior mount and vice versa. A fire door suitable for use on an interior wall may not be suitable for use on an exterior wall, such as its ability to withstand wind pressures. Also, if it is mounted on the exterior side of the exterior wall, weather-protective covers may need to be added depending upon exposure.

Standard Installation Types

Slip in style For your existing walls, the slip-in style frames are a sleek and easy solution. Integral frame counter shutters provide maximum strength and security with metal frames, shutters and sills that are factory-assembled as a complete unit.
Shown: DuraShutter in stainless steel
Built in style Frames For masonry walls not yet constructed, built-in style frames provide a clean, finished appearance. Integral frame counter shutters provide maximum strength and security with metal frames, shutters and sills that are factory-assembled as a complete unit.
Shown: DuraShutter with optional ArmorBrite Finish.

Commercial Service

Planned Maintenance Programs

Anchor Doors & Service specializes in Planned Maintenance Programs on all Overhead Door, Dock & Gate Equipment. Contact our Sales department to schedule your next PM inspection today. Based on equipment usage we may recommend the following frequency of inspections: Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annually, Annually, and Bi-Annually. We include inspections, and a detailed report of your door’s health, and recommended replacement parts. If you prefer to have all the work done at one time – No problem. We are here to help when it is convenient for you.

Replacement Parts & Service

Commercial Emergency Service

When it comes to an emergency we are here to help. Day or Night, Weekend or Holiday, Summer, or Winter we work all year round to solve your problem in a timely and efficient manner. Transform your expectations with our knowledgeable staff at Anchor Doors & Service Inc.

Areas Of Service

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