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Quality Replacement Parts

Proven commitment to quality, performance and reliability. We choose Lift-Master.

Lift-Master is the preferred garage door operator choice of professionals because of their proven commitment to quality, performance, and reliability. Anchor Doors carries Lift-Master replacement parts, openers, hinges, keypads, and repair kits. Need help? We can do on-site repair!

Garage Door Parts

Sectional Garage Door Cables - for use with residential garage doors up to 7' high

Sectional Garage Door Cables - for use with residential garage doors up to 8' high

3" Sheave - 3" heavy duty steel galvanized pulley normally used as an idler for low headroom sectional garage doors and doors with an extension spring set-up. These pulleys come in 3" and 4"

#1-5 Hinge - for use with residential sectional garage doors

2" Black Plastic Roller - this black plastic roller has no ball bearings and is used for light duty residential sectional garage doors

2" Steel Roller - this steel roller is used for residential garage doors with bearings (industry standard)

2" Steel Roller Long Stem - industry standard used with double end hinge usually 12'- 20' wide doors

2" White Nylon Roller - this white nylon roller is for residential garage doors used to reduce noise and vibration from your garage door (upgrade top of the line)

2" White Nylon Roller Long Stem - industry upgrade for residential garage doors 12' - 20' wide usually used with double end hinge, also reduces door noise and vibration

One Piece Springs - usually sold for use one a one piece wood garage door - various sizes we can match it up with your old springs for the right tension

Struts - for use with a residential sectional garage door - application to strengthen the door sections

Operator Reinforcement Brackets 18" - is used on the 18 inch top section of the garage door where the opener arm connects to the door panel

Operator Reinforcement Bracket 21" - is used on the 21" top section of the garage door where the operator arm connects to the door panel.

Garage Door Openers & Operators

975LM - Lift-Master Laser Garage Parking Assist - this innovative new accessory is designed to help you park in the right spot every time. Simple installation, works automatically, the red dot from the laser turns on automatically and lines up with your pre determined spot on your dashboard.

916LM - Lift-Master Garage Door Monitor with Extra Sensor - this item tells you if your garage door is open or closed. You can use it with any garage door, and it gives you added security and piece of mind.

G1702LM - Lift-Master Key Disconnect - the key manually releases the trolly to open any garage door under any circumstance. Never get locked out again due to power failure or human error.

75LM - Lift-Master Illuminated Door Control Button - door bell design to open / close garage door.

98LM - Lift-Master Motion Detecting Control Panel - turns the lights on when detects any motion automatically. 150 deg sensing angle, energy saving light sensitivity, on off switch for motion detector, locks out all remote controls while your away.

902lMC, 903lMC - Lift-Master 2, 3 Door Multi-function Control Panel - large push buttons open & close up to 3 separate garage doors, locks out all remote control signals while away, turns lights on or off from inside garage, adjustable light timer and oversized lighted push button.

398LM - Lift-Master Smart Control Panel - displays the time and inside garage temperature and provides door opener diagnostics, motion detection on/off switch, manual light control button, lock-out while your away, remote programming, English, Spanish, and French languages.

995LM - Lift-Master Remote Light Control - program to any security+, billion code, digital code remote. Switch lights or small appliances on/off, control plugs into any wall outlet, can be used with lamps, TV's radio's, small appliances

990LM - Lift-Master Garage Door Opener Surge Protector - safely protects the entire garage door opener system from lighting.

66LM, 976LM, 377LM - Lift-Master Digital Entry Keypads - allows you access to the garage from the outside, no remote required, battery operated, changeable codes for added security, temporary password option, remembers the code after a power outage, back light for visibility at night.

971LM, 371LM - Lift-Master Remote Controls - single button remote control - security+ technology , 5 year lithium battery included, directional visor clip and 12 volt battery.

877MAX - Wireless keypad for model 8550

880LM - Smart Control Panel for model 8550

895MAX - keychain remote for model 8550

895MAX - Premium remote control for model 8550 and all units from 1993 to present

485LM - Replacement Battery for Battery Back-up Units – for LM model 3850, 3800 & 8550

829LM - Garage door monitor for the 8550

535lMC-2L - Lift-Master Universal Control with Security + Rolling Code Technology - conversion kit accepts up to 8 security+ remote control codes and 1 keyless entry system code. FCC certified, includes 2 remotes

Garage Door Repair Kits

Lubricant - used to lubricate all moving parts on the garage door - recommended annual application - 8oz can spray on application

Weather Seal Lubricant - used to lubricate the weather seal from drying out - recommended annual application - 8oz can, spray on application

41A5658 - Lift-Master Gear and Sprocket Assembly - used to replace damaged gear and sprocket for models from 1984 - 2000

41A2817 - Lift-Master Drive / Worm Gear Kit with Grease and Roll Pins (2) - used to replace the damaged worm and sprocket 1984 - Current recommend using all the lubricant and replace both pieces even though one may not look worn.

41A5034 - Lift-Master Safety Beam Kit - these are the new "snappy sensors" or safety eyes used with your garage door 1993- current

41A5266-1 - Lift-Master Brackets for Snappy Sensors - use these brackets to hold the new style safety eyes in place